Gardens and pine forest of the Marqués de Fontalba Palace

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The gardens and the pine forest cover an area of ​​two hectares. The garden is rectangular in shape and has a neo-historical style with neo-classical, Arab and Renaissance elements. Upon entering the “Puerta de los Leones” you can see an avenue of slender palm trees (a replica of another characteristic place of the municipality such as “La Vereda de las Palmeras”). Among the many points of interest, the cave of the Virgen de la Almudena, made with sea rocks; the sundial; a small animal facility with birds; the numerous statues and fountains that are scattered throughout the garden; some gazebos, gazebos and columns; the pool and the old guards’ huts have been restored. The predominant plant species in the garden are palm trees (Phoenix dactyliphera, Phoenix canariensis, Washingtonia robusta), the numerous orange trees (Citrus sisnerensis) and lemon trees (Citrus limon), slenderAuricarias excelsa, magnificent Pitosporum tobira, Lignustrum and a large number of species shrubby. At the back of the Palace-House there is a small forest of stylized Aleppo pines under whose shade there is a cafeteria and a children’s playground.

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